Puppy Fame: Famous Dogs in Austin

Big dogs, small dogs, fluffy pups, and even hairless dogs make Austin a pet-lover paradise. Take a walk through one of Austin’s parks and you’ll see all kinds of dogs playing and enjoying the outdoors. Every dog is a good boy or girl and everyone knows that their own pup is the best dog in all of Austin, but some of the dogs you pet on your daily walk may actually be famous. Austin is home to a crew of Internet-famous doggos. Check your social media and you may see some Austin dogs that rack up the likes with their fun outfits, adventurous lives, or just by their cute faces. Follow these local famous dogs on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for a celebrity sighting on your next walk or trip to the dog park. You won’t want to miss a post from these 10 famous dogs.

1. @rocco_roni

Rocco is the fluffiest Old English Sheepdog in all of Austin. He is the size of a giant teddy bear and he can be spotted rocking a man bun to keep his luscious floof out of his eyes. Rocco is covered in fur, but he says, “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.” Follow this famous dog on Instagram, TikTok and Cameo to get your daily share of virtual fluff. Find Rocco at Auditorium Shores or Zilker Park and if you pet him enough, he might just pose for a picture.

2. @myregalbeagle

If you’ve scrolled the Internet in the past five years, you may have already seen this famous dog. Sid the Pizza Dog is best known for holding pizza in his mouth with a look of pure contentment on his face. You may be lucky enough to find him in Zilker Park and rumor has it that if you bring him a slice of pizza you’ll have good luck for 7 dog years. Follow this Austin dog on Instagram for an instant dose of happiness and “awww”.

3. @hucktheroofdog

Huckleberry the Golden Retriever might just be the happiest dog in Austin. He is never without a smile on his face, even when he’s sleeping or standing on the roof. Yes, you read that right. Huck loves to hang out of the roof of his Austin home. You can find him at Lady Bird Lake, on the cover of Austin Magazine, or on his roof. Follow this famous dog to find out how he gets on the roof. If you see him out on his roof, post a picture with the hashtag #hucktheroofdog.

4. @roccothepug

Rocco the Pug is an Austin staple. He’s captured the hearts and Instagram feeds of every Austinite he comes across. This old man loves to dress up and hang out with his brother Weldon (follow him on Instagram, too.) Take one look at Rocco and you can see why he’s a famous dog. Every one of his posts will make your eyes well up with happy tears because the wages of age are working against Rocco, but this Austin dog persists!

5. @pennytheluckdragon

Penny the Luck Dragon is a queen of Instagram and a famous dog of Austin. The Tibetan Spaniel has the softest ears and a smile that earns her fame. She’s mastered the perfect online aesthetic with her smooth white fur and her pastel pictures. Penny loves to check out all of the patios in Austin and posts her thoughts and reviews on her Instagram page. Follow along to hear about the hottest Austin spots and to catch a glimpse of her overly cute underbite.   

6. @princessbuttercupdumptruck

These sisters make up Austin’s most popular doggy duo and they are some of the city’s biggest socialites. Buttercup and Ruthie can be spotted at any and all of Austin’s dog-friendly breweries. They love craft beer, or at least their owners do, and they host year-round fundraising events at various breweries. Ruthie just celebrated her Sweet 16 and Buttercup recently hosted an Easter party. Follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming events.

7. @uptown_chunk

Chunk is a native Austin dog, but he and his owner recently moved to Milwaukee making him a famous dog across America. This French Bulldog loves eating, sleeping, snorting, and adventuring around his city. In Austin, Chunk enjoyed hiking up Mount Bonnell and making guest appearances at all of the most popular local places. Follow Chunk on IG so you can keep up with his life in Wisconsin and catch him if he makes his way back to Austin.

8. @goose_sheepadoodle

Goose is the floppiest and fluffiest Sheepadoddle in Austin, maybe even all of Texas. We love this energetic and fun loving dog who just so happens to be a Skipper dog! Goose’s momma works during the day and Goose doesn’t want to be inside all day so a Skipper Team Member plays with him whenever he needs a friend. Follow his account to see his silly and amazing life. I’m pawsitive you’ll love this famous dog as much as we do!

9. @themagicalsamoyeds

Kouga and Iga truly are magical puppies. These two Samoyeds look like polar bears and spend a lot of their time cooling down from the Austin heat. The Austin dogs love flowers, their couch, and dressing up as fairies and other mythical creatures. Who wouldn’t want to pet these floofs!? Catch them doing photoshoots around the city and follow them on Instagram so you won’t miss out on these famous dogs’ shenanigans. You can also follow their sister, Jade, if you’re more of a cat person.

10. @citydogaustin

Kaxan is an Austin icon because he is the mascot of the Austin KXAN news station. Kaxan showed up one day in the alley behind KXAN and they promptly took him in and made him a part of their family. Kaxan is a news anchor, a therapy dog, an American Humane Hero Dog nominee, and stars in commercials. He is an A-list celebrity of Austin. This rescue dog turned famous dog deserves a follow because everyone loves a celebrity comeback story (ex. Britney Spears circa 2007 to now.)

Bonus! @zilkerbark

This Instagram account features all of the Austin dogs that can be found playing around at Zilker Park. A professional photographer captures pictures of the most famous dogs of Austin frolicking in the park and showcases them on this page. If you live in Austin or just love dogs, you need to follow @zilkerbark. Take your Austin dog to hang out at Zilker Park and your furry friend might get a feature on the account.

Grab your phone, follow all of these famous dogs, and give their posts some love. Bonus points if you meet them in real life. And if your Instagram feed isn’t already completely filled with dogs, follow @skipper for pictures of our favorite Skipper famous dogs from Austin, Dallas, and Charlotte.

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