Puppy Fame: 10 Famous Charlotte Dogs

Instagram-famous dog smiling at camera

We get it: you could sit and stare at photos of your dog for hours. Whether or not your pup has their own social media profile where you’re posting pictures of their perfect little face for all to see, we know they’re still the most famous pooch in Charlotte to you!

That said, there are definitely a few dogs in Charlotte that have developed huge followings on social media. Whether you spot them walking on the Light Rail Trail, you catch them playing at the dog park, or you just scroll past their pictures on Instagram, here are 10 Charlotte famous dogs you should definitely know about!

top Charlotte dog @sadiedoodleclt

1. @sadiedoodleclt

Sadie is a sweet and fluffy F1B Black Goldendoodle (fun fact: the F1B means that she’s a cross between a doodle and a poodle, so she’s extremely allergy friendly). You’re likely to see her on the patio at one of Charlotte’s many breweries, which she’s pretty well-versed in after reading this book about Charlotte beer.

top Charlotte dog @coop_doggiedogg

2. @coop_doggiedogg

Cooper is an adorable Blue Merle Australian Shepherd with a ton of energy! More often than not, he’s seen frolicking around in the great outdoors, playing with fun new toys, and making friends with other pups.

top Charlotte dog @thesplootlife

3. @thesplootlife

Ein’s motto, per his Instagram bio: “Live, love, and shake your nub.” As a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, his fluffy butt and “nub” tail get plenty of attention when he’s out on the town, or when he he and his little legs climb up Crowder’s Mountain!

top Charlotte dog @maple.thevizsla

4. @maple.thevizsla

You can often find Maple in costume, ranging from this gym outfit (her caption: “Got my hair up and sneakers on! Going out for a jog, brb.”) to an Easter bunny ensemble and more.

top Charlotte dog @adelethefrenchie

5. @adelethefrenchie

As you may have guessed from this photo, Adele is a big Panthers fan! This little French Bulldog also loves peanut butter and curling up in blankets on the couch for a good nap.

top Charlotte dog @thelifeofroscoe

6. @thelifeofroscoe

Described in his Instagram bio as “a 90 lb. lap dog, unaware that I’m not actually human,” Roscoe is an English Labrador who loves playing outside and meeting new dogs.

top Charlotte dog @lunathewonderpup

7. @lunathewonderpup

This fluffy, 100-pound Great Pyrenees pup loves playing in the mud, eating carrots, and giving plenty of hugs and kisses to every new dog that she meets. You can find her most often at Dog Bar and Star Dog in Charlotte, running around off-leash to get all of her energy out!

top Charlotte dog @keelasweetie

8. @keelasweetie

A four-year-old Golden Retriever, Keela is a total sweetheart (and a big UNC fan, of course). She loves homemade dog treats from her mom, and the occasional pup-uccino from Starbucks.

top Charlotte dog @ralph_theminicockapoo

9. @ralph_theminicockapoo

Ralph is a 10-month-old Cockapoo who happens to look like the sweetest little teddy bear you’ve ever seen. He loves snuggling with his humans and trying out all kinds of fun new toys, in addition to exploring Charlotte.

top Charlotte dog @gspintheqc

10. @gspintheqc

This GSP (German Short-haired Pointer), Turley, is always out on the town! Catch him in the French Quarter, at a Knights Game, or on the patio at your favorite brewery.

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Guest post by Alicia Thomas

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