Natural Dog Skin Care Tips

5 of the Most Common Dog Skin Issues and How to Solve Them

Have you ever noticed your pup’s paws getting dry, scratchy or cracked? Does your dog itch or chew on parts of their skin or ears? Some of these most common dog skin issues can be treated with natural, simple solutions. Read more about the most common dog skin issues and the natural products we recommend to solve them!

  1. Dry Cracked Paws
  2. Dry Cracked Nose
  3. Irritated Red Skin
  4. Itchy Ears
  5. Tear Stains

All of these common issues stem from a number of different causes, but luckily, all of them can easily be treated and soothed with natural, safe products from Natural Dog Company.

Dry, Cracked Paws

Dry, cracked and irritated dog paws are incredibly common, especially in the Winter months. After all, the skin on dogs’ paws are exposed to dry air, cold temperatures, rough sidewalks, and every outdoor elements. It all eventually takes a toll on their sensitive little paws.

So how can you tell if your dog’s paws are a little dry and in need of some TLC? Check them out and feel the texture. They’ll look dehydrated and feel rough to the touch, and you may even notice cracks, similar to how our own heels crack, when they are dried and worn out. When your dog’s paws are dry, they’re also likely itchy. So if you notice your dog licking his or her paws more than usual, dry skin could be the culprit.

The Solution? Paw Soother

Natural Dog Company has just the solution for your pup’s paws — Paw Soother is an organic, vegan, natural balm for your dog’s paws that soothe and treat dryness and brings paws back to a hydrated and healthy state.   

Dry, Cracked Nose

Similar to how a dog’s paws can become dry and cracked, so can their noses. A dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is sick, but it can be irritating and uncomfortable for your furry friend. There are many factors that can cause a dog’s nose to dry out. Some of the most common causes are sunburn, windburn, cold, dry temperatures and allergies.

The Solution? Snout Soother

If your dog has a visibly dry, crusty-looking nose, it may be time to try Natural Dog Company’s Snout Soother. It treats and prevents painful, dry, crusty, chapped and cracked dog noses. Its healing and moisturizing ingredients restores hydration and comfort to your dog’s snout.

Itchy, Irritated Skin

Itchy skin may be the most common issue of all of these for dogs. We don’t really think twice when we see them scratching; maybe they have a temporary itch. But maybe, their skin is more irritated than you think. And it can be hard to pinpoint the reason why their skin is itchy and irritated in the first place.

It could be the cold, dry weather. It could be irritating shampoos and soaps or seasonal allergies. Or it could allude to an even more serious problem like parasites and skin infections that would require a visit to the vet.

The Solution? Skin Soother

If your dog has itchy skin, Natural Dog Company’s Skin Soother can provide relief to the itchy area, and given it’s not caused from a more serious issue, it can heal and treat the itchy dry skin after just a few applications.

Itchy Ears

Itchy ears probably mean dry ears. See a pattern here? Dryness causes itchiness — in us, and in dogs! If your dog has been scratching relentlessly at his or her ears, allergies, diet or fleas could be the reason why.

Allergens and pollen can make their way into the sensitive areas of the ear and get trapped, causing itchy, dry ears. Additionally, a lack of proper nutrition, like omega 3 fatty acids, can lead to skin issues and dryness. And of course, fleas can cause your dog’s ears to itch, but if they are receiving treatment for fleas, even the medicine can cause skin irritation.

Because the inside of dog’s ears are dark and moist, bacteria and yeast can easily flourish. If this is the case, the itching could mean your dog has some sort of ear infection that should be properly diagnosed by the dog’s vet.

The Solution? Skin Soother

So, now that we know what causes itchy ears, how do you treat them? Skin Soother by Natural Dog Company works wonders for irritated, itchy dog ears, too. The combination of natural ingredients provides antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can treat and heal bug bites and dry skin in your dog’s ears. Simply apply the balm to the affected area one to three times per day, and decrease use when the problem begins to improve.

Tear Stains

When dogs have tear stains on their faces, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a sad pup! Tear stains suggest that the drainage system in their eyes are not properly functioning all the time. Allergies and irritants, as well as eye infections and injuries are common reasons why your dog’s eyes are draining excess discharge, resulting in visible “tear stains.”

Dogs with particularly hairy faces, dogs with shallow eye sockets and those with wrinkly faces are even more susceptible to tear stains. The moisture from their eyes can seep deep into the wrinkles on their face and cause irritation and even bacterial or yeast infections.

What to look for? Tear stains will be more visible on light colored dogs, and can alter the color of their fur. Look for reddish, brown streaks stemming from the corner of your dog’s eyes, extending down toward their nose.

The Solution? Wrinkle Balm

Natural Dog Company’s Wrinkle Balm can soothe the areas on your dog’s face that have become irritated from excess moisture and tear drainage. When applied correctly, Wrinkle Balm can help combat yeast, bacteria and buildup on your dog’s skin.

It’s important to be aware of what’s irritating your dog, and seemingly simple issues that can progress into more serious problems. If your dog experiences any of the issues mentioned above, it may not exactly require a trip to the vet or the use of strong over-the-counter dog medications.

Give Natural Dog Company a try. Each product, made with intentional, all-natural ingredients, is safe for a canine’s sensitive skin, and will nurture their paws, skin and snouts to make them healthy once again.

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