Dallas, Meet Skipper!

Meet Dallas’ own “Bark Blogger” Rachel! She recently shares her experience with Skipper on her blog. Check out her blog for more Dallas dog tips and tricks and read all about her thoughts on Skipper below!

“I started The Bark Blogger because dogs are a huge passion of mine and I’ve always wanted to do something with that passion. I’m hoping to provide you with some tips, product reviews, DIY treat recipes, and dog-friendly places around Dallas, TX!”

Dallas, Meet Skipper!

If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to use a dog walking service but you just don’t trust people. I’ve even signed up to be a walker for one of them and didn’t do ONE WALK. I’ve heard horror stories and I’m sure you have too.

Then, I was introduced to Skipper! I first heard of Skipper through my apartment complex who has a partnership and then saw their booth at the Dallas Pet Expo. What’s so different about Skipper is their walkers are W2 employees. They aren’t contracted. They go through extensive background checks and personalized training. That alone makes me feel so much more comfortable. Less than 15% of applicants make it through the interview process! Right now, they’re in DallasAustin and Charlotte.

The Consultation

I couldn’t wait to try this! I felt at ease knowing all of this information and signed up for the consultation. At the consultation, a team member will meet with you and go over all your pet’s information, home entry information and answer any questions you might have. The consultation is $10 and will include registration into their system. For the consult, you will need your pet’s vaccination history! Also, start thinking of how you will allow access into your community. Personally, we chose the Skipper-branded lock box ($13) that we’ll hang on our door. 

As soon as the consult is over, you can start scheduling visits! 


Skipper offers services every day of the week (hours vary) and even have advance or same day booking! They offer 20, 40 or 60 minute visits and also never charge for additional pets. Check out all the other extras they will do free of charge! Having an extra long day at work? Need them to visit your place multiple times a day? You get rewarded for doing that and after you have five visits like that, you’ll get a free 20 minute visit!  

If this hasn’t convinced you enough, you can use THEBARKBLOGGER to get your first TWO walks free! I can’t wait for you to try Skipper and I will update you on our progress as well!

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