Skipper vs. Wag

Why choose Skipper?


Skipper vs. Wag

Why choose Skipper?

As the most trusted dog walking service, Skipper treats your pets just like family. By recruiting and professionally training an experienced team of dog walkers and requiring an in-home consultation before walking, we always guarantee your pets are in safe and loving hands. Don’t just take our word for it, do your research and learn how Skipper’s dog walking services shine against other dog walking companies like Wag.

Skipper Dog Walkers vs. Wag Dog Walkers

In Charlotte, NC


5-Step Interview Process

10-15% Walker Acceptance Rate

Federal Background Check

15 Hours Class & Hands-On Training

Back Office to Support

Comprised of W2 Employees

local dog walkers

Screening Process

Given Reviews

“Preferred Walkers” List

Background Check

Basic Customer Care Support


Skipper Walkers

Skipper’s walkers will treat your pets just like the family they are. Before we hire a Skipper walker, they go through a 5 step interview process with a 10-15% acceptance rate. After they pass a federal background check, they go through 15 hours of classroom training and spend a day shadowing a Skipper walker. They are trained in first aid, issue recognition, and how to uphold the standards of our clients, not just taking a quiz like Wag walkers. Because our walkers are W2 employees, we are able to properly train them to guarantee they uphold our standards of care. All Skipper walkers are required to wear purple shirts to help identify for security purposes. If they ever have any questions, our back office is there to support them with immediate responses at all times. Skipper sets walker’s schedules for them based off of availability and location, so they don’t have to compete with other walkers.

Wag Walkers

Wag walkers go through a minimal screening process, background check, and take a quiz before they are hired. They can retake the quiz as many times as they wish and can find the answers online. Because they are contractors, they aren’t required to attend training classes. Wag walkers are given reviews based off of their service so customers can see their rating as a walker. Customers are able to choose a “preferred walker” if they find one that they like to use. However, Skipper believes that all walkers should provide excellent service without relying on ratings. Wag offers basic office support, but it’s not always immediate and timely for walkers.

Skipper App vs. Wag App

skipper app dog walker charlotte nc

The Skipper App

Skipper’s app features several items to let pet owners know that their family member is happy and safe. Unlike other apps like the Wag app, Skipper’s app allows the walker to include multiple photos in the visit report. Skipper’s app will give you potty updates, visit notes, pet photos, and a GPS-tracked map of their walk. The user can even add free add-ons like requesting their walker to bring the mail inside or feeding their furry friend. Skipper doesn’t have a rating feature for our walkers because each of our team members completes 15 hours of in-class and hands on professional training to ensure that every dog walker upholds Skipper’s standards.

The Wag App

Wag’s app has some similar features as Skipper’s such as potty updates and receiving an activity report after every walk. One different feature with the Wag dog walking app is it allows users to rate their dog walker. However, every wag walker starts as 5 stars and the rating changes when they receive a poor review. While Wag may offer some features, they don’t allow users to request add-ons like feeding their pet or cleaning a litter box.

Skipper's Prices vs. Wag's Prices

dog walking prices

Priced By Length of Visit

Additional Pets = $0

Free Extras

20, 40 & 60 Minute Prices

Bundle Pricing Discounts


Priced by Walk Length

Additional Pets = $5

First Walk Free?

20, 30, 60 Minute Walks

Local Pricing


Skipper's Prices

Skipper’s prices are determined by the length of our visit with your dog, not how far we walked them. Wag’s prices are based off of how far they walked your dog, not the amount of time the visit took. Skipper breaks down prices for 20, 40, and 60 minute visits with your furry friend. Charlotte, NC dog walking pricing ranges from $15-34 depending on the visit length and bundling discount. What if you have two or three dogs? It doesn’t matter how many furry friends you have! The price remains the same for a 20 minute visit with one dog and a 20 minute visit with three dogs. Additionally with your timed visit, our walkers will bring in your mail, feed your dogs, clean out the litter box, and properly dispose of waste. Skipper even offers discounted pricing when walks are purchased in 5 or 15-walk bundle packs!

Wag's Prices

So how much does Wag cost? Well, we can’t give you an exact answer because Wag’s prices aren’t listed on their website. But we do know that Wag’s prices are determined by location and the walk length. On their FAQs page, they say that on average, a 30-minute dog walk is $20. Wag offers 20-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute walks. If you have more than one dog, every additional dog is $5 per walk. While Wag may offer a free first walk, customers may not know how much the service will cost after their first walk.

Skipper vs. Wag

Skipper Dog Walking

Skipper goes the extra mile to ensure that your furry friend is in safe hands during every walk. We require an in-home consultation with every client before we will walk your dog. Why? At the consultation, we’ll go over important pet information and home access instructions. We begin to build a custom detailed pet profile that can include visit routines and important details. Our W2 walkers are trained to handle any situation, and as dog lovers, they will treat your prized family member like their own. Customers can directly contact Skipper at all times to change walk preferences or ask a question with an immediate response. Skipper is fully insured and takes all liability for our walker employees. We are selective and detailed to uphold safety standards and our reputation as the most trusted dog walking company.

Wag Dog Walking

Wag dog walking offers initial free walks and $1,000,000 home insurance to give their customers peace of mind. While employees are vetted and quizzed on basic collar, harness, and situational knowledge, they aren’t trained by Wag. Wag dog walking charges based on the length of your dog’s walk, they don’t include free add-ons or free charge for more than one dog. This service could become expensive for customers that have more than one dog or their dog requires a long walk every day. Wag is a marketplace that lacks the safety that is guaranteed with Skipper’s 24/7 support team and highly vetted and trained dog walking team.

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