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Dog walking in NoDa Charlotte with Skipper is a popular and convenient choice for pet parents. NoDa, short for “North Davidson”, features a variety of art galleries, music venues, restaurants, bars, gift shops, multifamily housing, apartments, and most importantly, pets! NoDa begins on and around North Davidson Street and 36th Street, almost one mile northeast of Uptown. Formerly an area of textile manufacturing, the area has transformed into a bustling arts district full of new residents. With new homeowners and renters come their pets! As NoDa has grown, so has the number of pet friendly restaurants and shops for dog walking in NoDa Charlotte. With all that Skipper and NoDa has to offer, being a dog parent has never been easier!
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Dog Walking Service in NoDa

As the most trusted dog walking service in NoDa, Skipper treats your pets just like the family they are. By recruiting a highly-vetted team of dog walkers that are trained in first aid, issue recognition, and how to uphold the training standards of our clients, we guarantee your pets are in safe and loving hands. We’ve revolutionized the in-home pet care experience by requiring a home consultation before we walk your pup. During the consultation, we learn how to handle, walk, and care for your prized family member. Whether you have a far commute at work or can’t come home to walk your dog, know your dog is safe with status updates and pictures sent in the Skipper app. Skipper in NoDa is designed to bring you happy pets and peace of mind, every walk, every time.
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Schedule Your Consultation

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Book Online (Even Same-Day!)

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Receive Real-Time Updates

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Come Home To A Happy Dog!


Come Home To A Happy Dog!

Rest easy knowing your dog is happy and exercised. We're here to bring you peace of mind, every time!

  • Schedule Your Consultation

    Schedule an in-home or over-the-phone consultation and receive your secure Master Lock® lockbox.

  • Book Online - Even Same-Day!

    Book and customize your visit (free for same-day or in advance!) with our easy-to-use scheduling tool.

  • Receive Real-Time Updates

    Receive an arrival notification and a detailed summary report at the end of the visit with a GPS-tracked map and photos!

  • Come Home To A Happy Dog!

    Rest easy knowing your dog is happy and exercised. We’re here to bring you peace of mind, every time!

Dog Friendly Places in NoDa

  • JackBeagle’s

    3213 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28205

    This laid back dog bar in NoDa is a great place to enjoy Charlotte’s beautiful weather with your furry friend. JackBeagle’s is one of the casual dog friendly restaurants in Charlotte that offers American food such as burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, and boneless wings. Their NoDa location features a large outdoor patio that’s covered with fans, heaters, and lights, so you and your dog can enjoy it all year long. While your dog can’t be inside of the restaurant, they can enjoy lunch or dinner with you in JackBeagle’s outdoor patio. If you live close to NoDa, take your furry friend on a walk and head over to this popular dog bar located in NoDa.

  • The Dog Bar

    3307 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28205

    This local dog bar in NoDa is a favorite among pet owners. The Dog Bar is similar to a dog park where dogs are able to be off their leash in a safe fenced in environment. Your dog can run around and play in the climate controlled indoors or outdoors on the Astroturf under a shaded patio. In the summertime, the patio is cooled with a misting system, and in the winter the patio is enclosed and completely heated. Meet up with fellow dog owners and enjoy the live music and drinks available in this unique bar. While no food is served, this bar is a gem for dog owners that would like their dog to socialize with them. The Dog Bar just asks that your dog is well behaved off their leash, has their vaccinations current, and are spayed or neutered. Whether you live in NoDa or are visiting, this is a must stop dog friendly restaurant in the heart of NoDa.

  • NoDa Brewing Company

    NoDa Brewing Company

    Skipper’s favorite dog bar in NoDa is NoDa Brewing Company located right outside of downtown NoDa. This dog friendly restaurant is where neighbors can meet in an unique environment to enjoy brews and the patio with their dogs. They have a large outdoor area with grass, mulch, and water bowls scattered around for furry friends. While they’re not allowed inside of the taproom, they can run around and play outside in the sun. NoDa Brewing has a counter with doggie treats and carabiners to hook up your dog, just in case you have to run inside. They even have a puppy walking reward program to collect points to win collars and leashes for your dog. So the next time you’re craving a beer and don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home, bring them along to this dog-friendly bar in NoDa.


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Veterinarians in NoDa

  • Image

    Uptown Veterinary Hospital

    626 N. Church St. Charlotte, NC 28202

    A healthy dog is a happy dog. For all of your veterinary needs, Uptown Veterinary Hospital is one of Skipper’s favorite Noda vet hospitals. If you need a trusted veterinarian to care for your four-legged friend, look no further. Their veterinarian, Jen Larson, is licensed in NC and treats all types of pets. Your pet’s health and wellbeing is important to them, as they take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve. From preventative care, specialized diagnostics, dental special services, and medical services, the Uptown Veterinary Hospital offers everything your pet may need. Did you know that puppies need to visit the vet every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old? Dogs need shots for rabies, distemper-parvo, and other diseases. After 1 year, it’s recommended that dogs visit the vet for yearly checkups from ages 1-7. For senior dogs, 7-10+ years old, vets suggest twice-yearly checkups to ensure no behaviors have changed.

  • Image

    Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinic

    224 W. 32nd St. Charlotte, NC 28206

    Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinic is a NoDa vet hospital dedicated to providing affordable, high quality, and compassionate care to reduce unwanted litters and create a community without homeless pets. This non-profit NoDa vet clinic makes high quality spay/neuter and veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. By providing spay/neuter services, they are reducing the number of unwanted litters in the community and reducing the number of dogs and cats that end up being euthanized at local shelters. Every pet deserves and needs high quality veterinary care to keep them happy and healthy for their entire lives. Whether you’re looking for a veterinary clinic to spay/neuter a new pet or want to discuss your pet’s overall health, the Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinic in NoDa will help answer your questions and provide quality care for your dog.

About NoDa


NoDa in Charlotte is a bustling historic area with new singles, couples, and families moving to this arts district as it continues to grow. Starting on North Davidson Street and 36th Street, this neighborhood is not far from Uptown. Residents of this area are proud of its strong community ties and multiple local businesses. While there are a few apartment complexes in NoDa, there are many single family homes as well. Most residents in NoDa choose to adopt a variety of dogs, both small and large breeds. While NoDa only has one park, the neighborhood is very dog friendly. Many restaurants in downtown NoDa have patios open for your furry friend to sit with you such as The Dog Bar, NoDa Brewing, and much more.


An urban and residential neighborhood, NoDa in Charlotte is full of businesses, breweries, bars, shops, art galleries, apartment complexes, and single family homes. NoDa is a relatively flat area with a few hilly sections. Many of the homes are close together and bundled along streets surrounding the main street. Close to the railroad tracks, bus stops, and the Charlotte Light Rail, NoDa has many different methods of public transportation. In the main downtown strip of NoDa, there are many sidewalks and areas to walk your dog. In some of the residential areas, there are no sidewalks, so you may have to walk on the street. There is one main park in NoDa, North Charlotte Park, a 3 acre park with a long walking trail to enjoy with your dog during warm weather. In the summer it’s important to walk your dog during the mornings or evenings to prevent your four-legged friend from overheating.

Places to Take Your Pup

Take your dog to North Charlotte Park to cool down in the shade in NoDa Charlotte or for a walk on a popular street in downtown NoDa. If you’re craving a cup of coffee, enjoy a latte out on the patio at Smelly Cat Coffee with your furry friend. For brunch, grab your dog and some friends to soak up the sun and watch the Panthers game at NoDa Brewing. Or take your dog for a walk in NoDa and enjoy The Dog Bar’s outdoor patio with your furry friend. No matter what you and your pup feel up to, there are plenty of places to enjoy together in NoDa Charlotte.
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  • “It makes a huge difference to know that they’re well taken care of, even if it’s not by me. My days are like 52 card pickup and sometimes I just can’t make it home to get them out. It makes me feel so good to have an extended family in Skipper to support us.”
    Corri with Beef & Baby

  • “When work gets crazy and I can’t give Sonny the attention he needs, I have Skipper to take care of him. If Skipper went away, I would be in a panic. You truly are a lifeline for us. I couldn’t imagine what I would do without you.”
    Trent with Sonny

  • “I love Skipper and so does my pup, Marni! Their walkers and booking systems are top-notch and everyone who works for them really loves the animals they help care for. Marni is young and incredibly active, and they do a great job helping her expel some of her energy while I’m at work.”
    Lauren with Marni

  • “Skipper is a cut above the rest. What they provide for all your pets, at the pricing that they do – it’s unbeatable. The pictures, written report and ease of ability to schedule online makes scheduling out an appointment for my dogs extremely easy for my busy life. Not only that, the owners and walkers are all clearly passionate about pets, and that is what is most important!”
    Katrina with Zoey, Bullet, & Carmella

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