Natural Dog Skin Care Tips

5 of the Most Common Dog Skin Issues and How to Solve Them Have you ever noticed your pup’s paws getting dry, scratchy or cracked? Does your dog itch or chew on parts of their skin or ears? Some of these most common dog skin issues can be treated with natural, simple solutions. Read more about the most common dog … Read More

Happy Tails Tours’ Top 5 Dog Travel Tips

Dogs are not only part of our family. They’re also guides that can connect us to nature, vulnerability and unconditional love. In 2000, David Blank took off on a 1-year, 20,000 mile motorcycle odyssey with his newly adopted 18 month old Australian Cattle Dog, Max. They didn’t have any Dog Travel Tips so David and Max just made it up … Read More

7 Ways to Beat Doggy Boredom

fluffy dog looking bored

Think about your daily routine. You wake up, get dressed, and leave the house for work, errands, social outings, among other things. Then you come home to your dog who is SO excited to see you… and who also might have chewed on some things they shouldn’t have while you were gone. Your pup is home alone without you when … Read More

Frozen Treats To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat

big black dog panting in a field of flowers

Ahh, summer in the South, a time when our desire to be outside enjoying events that end with fireworks is only outweighed by our desire to not melt into a puddle on the sizzling hot sidewalk. However, don’t worry fellow southerners, it should start to cool down around Thanksgiving. In the summer, we humans tend to strip down to as … Read More

Benefits of Using In-Home Pet Care

small fluffy dog on a leash

Dogs are more than our pets. They are our friends and our family members and because of this, we want them to live their best lives. Dogs are social animals that crave routine. To keep them healthy and out of mischief, they need to be consistently mentally stimulated. According to WebMD, dogs, much like their human counterparts, receive many benefits … Read More

Human foods that you should never feed your dog (and a few that you should)

small fluffy dog eating human food

The Doggie Diaries: Food Confessionals “Hello. My name is Bella. I’m a Boxer and I once ate half a bag of self-rising flour. There were biscuits starting to form in my mouth.” “Good evening. My name is Copper. Proud mix breed here. I once ate a giant bag of Starbursts – wrappings and all.” “Hey there. My name is Max. … Read More

Four Ways to Use Essential Oils With Dogs

brown and white dog flopped down in the grass

This is a guest post written by Real Food Carolyn at! Essential oils aren’t just for people! Our beloved fur babies can also benefit. Here are my four favorites ways to use essential oils with our pup. CALM THE CRAZIES :: Our Charley is a pretty low-key pup but when we travel by car he seems to stay on … Read More

The Name Game: What to consider when naming your dog

puppy doxie on turquoise couch looking at camera

The Name Game: What to consider when naming your dog A dog’s name is often a reflection of its owner’s personality and interests. Although it is not as intimidating as naming a child because you don’t have to worry about their dog friends rhyming their name with bodily functions, it is important to remember that a puppy’s response often depends … Read More