5 Reasons to ALWAYS Clean Up Dog Waste

Skipper dog walkers are highly trained pet care professionals. One of the most emphasized Skipper policies is to ALWAYS pick up after the dogs in their care. Skipper dog walkers always pick up dog poop out of respect for this policy, your neighborhood, your apartment community, the law, the environment, and your shoes. Here are the top five reasons Skipper … Read More

Quiz: How spoiled is your dog?

We show our pets love in many ways from treats and toys to attention and affection. How spoiled is your dog? Take this quiz to find out! Each question that applies to you is worth 1 point. Tally your points and scroll to the end to see your results! Bought your dog a birthday present Thrown your dog a birthday … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Dog Food: What You Should Know

dog food guide

One of the biggest worries on any pet owners mind is the quality of food your dog eats. We all want our furry best friends to have healthy and enjoyable meals. So how can you make sure that the rations and treats you buy are appropriate for your pet? We did some digging on the subject and found some interesting … Read More

Puppy Fame: 10 Famous Charlotte Dogs

Instagram-famous dog smiling at camera

We get it: you could sit and stare at photos of your dog for hours. Whether or not your pup has their own social media profile where you’re posting pictures of their perfect little face for all to see, we know they’re still the most famous pooch in Charlotte to you! That said, there are definitely a few dogs in … Read More

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate on National Dog Day

French bulldog wearing polkadot party hat

It feels like every other day is National something Day. National Ice Cream Day. National Siblings Day. National Talk Like A Pirate Day. But there’s a holiday coming up that we’re actually incredibly excited for! August 26 is National Dog Day, and we’ve got 5 exciting ways for you to celebrate your pooch this weekend. 1. Get Custom-Made Dog Cakes or … Read More

The Evolution of Dogs

wolf looking at camera

Dogs are such a integral part of lives that it is hard to imagine a time when weren’t starting Instagram accounts for them or feeding them organic homemade dog treats or sending them to doggie day care. And, although our four-legged best friends may not have always been given the same kind of royal treatment that many of them receive … Read More

Thoughts Your Dog Has During a Skipper Visit

Skipper walker crouched down with big fluffy dog

My human is a little nuts this morning – she spilled coffee on her favorite shirt – and, now she is going to be late to that place she goes every day. I miss my human when she is gone. Mom’s halfway out the door but runs back in, gives me a big kiss on the head and says, “Now, … Read More

The Name Game: What to consider when naming your dog

puppy doxie on turquoise couch looking at camera

The Name Game: What to consider when naming your dog A dog’s name is often a reflection of its owner’s personality and interests. Although it is not as intimidating as naming a child because you don’t have to worry about their dog friends rhyming their name with bodily functions, it is important to remember that a puppy’s response often depends … Read More