Stay Warm At These Pet-Friendly Locations

brown dog with snow on muzzle

We’ve all lamented over the recent ban excluding dogs from inside of breweries, but, it’s time to dry our eyes, folks, because we’ve compiled a list of places that (still) allow dogs in the Charlotte area…  As dog owners and lovers, there’s nothing better than soaking up the rays on the patio of your favorite restaurant or bar with your furry … Read More

VetweRx – Stress Relief for Pets

black Australian Shepard in cone of shame

Stress isn’t just a problem for humans; your pet can experience the negative effects too. Illness, changes in the usual routine or the death of another pet can lead to an increase in your pet’s anxiety level. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your furry friend relax. Signs of Stress Your pet may not be … Read More

KeenDog – Having Fun With The Fundamentals

long-hair dachshund looking at owner during training session

Have you ever been frustrated with your dog before? If that answer is, “Yes”, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Training your dog to obey under any circumstance requires repetition after repetition, follow-through, consistency and keeping your cool when your dog isn’t cooperating to the best of their ability. Training your dog CAN be stressful; however, strengthening the bond between you and your … Read More

The Dog Salon – Have You Heard About Self-Serve Dog Washing Stations?

brown dog looking sad while getting a bath

Tired of the hassle of trying to bathe your dog in your own home? Let’s face it, you end up doing two cleanings… one for the dog and the other for the house. Everyone knows giving your dog a bath in your own home is a hassle, which is why The Dog Salon provides self-serve dog washing stations. With all the … Read More

Have A Dog That Lacks Confidence?

dachshund dog looking nervous durning walk

Much like humans, dogs exert similar behaviors and attitudes in certain social situations. Going out-and-about, some dogs may be over excited and, literally, jump for joy to be doing an activity with their best two-legged friend. Other dogs may be the opposite and show signs of a lack of confidence. A dip in your dog’s confidence level can pose a … Read More

10 Holiday Pet Dangers Lurking in Your Home

yellow lab wearing Santa hat

The holiday season should be a time for making happy memories with our families — and that certainly includes our pets! Unfortunately, there are many seasonal dangers for cats and dogs that could ruin a Christmas or holiday celebration. Check out the gallery below to educate yourself on holiday hazards you need to protect your pet from, including toxic foods, … Read More