Benefits of Using In-Home Pet Care

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Dogs are more than our pets. They are our friends and our family members and because of this, we want them to live their best lives. Dogs are social animals that crave routine. To keep them healthy and out of mischief, they need to be consistently mentally stimulated. According to WebMD, dogs, much like their human counterparts, receive many benefits from regular exercise.

However, between long hours at the office, after work activities and family commitments there are times when we are unable to give our dogs the attention that they need and deserve. And, that is why dog walking services be very beneficial for dogs and their owners.

What are some of the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of using in-home pet care? 

  • Regular walks keeps dogs healthy. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, approximately 54% of dogs are obese. Many canine health issues can be avoided with daily exercise. One of the easiest ways to keep your pet healthy is to give them three 20 minute walks a day.
  • Daily walking helps to get rid of your dogs excess energy and resulting in calmer behavior at home. With frequent, lengthy walks, your dog will be less inclined to engage in undesirable behaviors such as barking, chewing, biting or using the bathroom indoors.
  • Walking stimulates a dog senses. Dogs get to see, smell, feel and hear new and interesting things when out for a walk. This stimulation often includes meeting other people or animals, which can be an excellent way to encourage proper socialization for your pup.
  • Hiring a dog walker can relieve pet owners’ guilt and provide them with a valuable commodity – time.
  • A nurturing dog walker who is consistent and reassuring can help build your dogs confidence and ease their anxiety. One of Skipper’s very own clients, Evie, experienced this first hand:

Evie is a shy pup who had a lot of anxiety when she was introduced to new people. When she first began her Skipper visits, it took a long time and plenty of encouragement for her to even come out of her crate. However, after regular visits, the caring, nurturing Skipper sitters began to gain Evie’s trust. Eventually, her dedicated pet-professionals coaxed her outside and then on short walks.

Now, Evie is going on long walks and her mom, Lucy, is impressed and happy about her progress. Lucy said, ”Evie was really shy around people and Skipper has patiently won her over! It’s been wonderful for us to know that Evie has some time outside on our longer work days, and it wasn’t easy at first for Skipper’ team members to get Evie to even come out of her crate, but she loves her Skipper walkers now and we are thrilled. Evie is a dear girl who is slowly becoming a more social dog thanks to Skipper’s help!”

Look at the difference in Evie’s disposition! In a photo from one of her earlier visits, Evie looks visibly afraid and stressed. She was anxious and nervous around people who were not her owners!

But after much patience and loving encouragement from her Skipper team members, Evie began to be more comfortable and less stressed. She has become less anxious around new people and has begun to love her Skipper visits. A picture from a recent Skipper visit with Evie shows that she is visibly less stressed. She is relaxed and at ease with her Skipper team member!

Skipper was born when Meggie and Sebastian Williams were unable to find a in-home pet care service that combined vetted pet professionals with advanced technology. They want to start a service that provided peace of mind to pet-owners, while their dogs enjoyed the benefits of regular walks by loving pet-professionals. When they couldn’t find one, they started their own.

And, now the Skipper Company is here to give you happy pets and peace of mind. Every time.

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