5 Reasons to ALWAYS Clean Up Dog Waste

Skipper dog walkers are highly trained pet care professionals. One of the most emphasized Skipper policies is to ALWAYS pick up after the dogs in their care. Skipper dog walkers always pick up dog poop out of respect for this policy, your neighborhood, your apartment community, the law, the environment, and your shoes. Here are the top five reasons Skipper dog walkers always pick up dog poop and why dog parents should always think twice before leaving their dog’s waste where it lands.

1. Ruins the Lawn

You might think dog waste is a natural fertilizer but that’s not the case. Dogs are omnivores. Their feces are high in protein and release excessive amounts of nitrogen into the soil. Too much will burn the grass, leaving yellow and brown patches. When you work hard to maintain a luxurious lawn or finally found the perfect lawn care provider, the last thing you want is for dog waste to destroy the greenery. It’s even worse when it’s a neighbor’s dog doing the dirty deed. Sharing a lawn with many other dogs living in an apartment community can make keeping the lawn looking nice even more challenging. Keep your community looking green and pick up after fluffy.

2. Contains Dangerous Bacteria

When you leave dog poop on the ground, you leave behind E. coli, salmonella, parvo and more. These diseases cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting that can last up to 10 days. The waste may also contain roundworms and hookworms, both of which can cause parasitic diseases in humans. When people kneel, sit or walk barefoot through soil contaminated with infected poop, the worm larvae can enter the top layer of skin. Untreated roundworm in humans can lead to blindness and problems with the central nervous system. So you may be keeping someone from getting sick by picking up your dog’s waste.

3. Gets Into Our Water

Maybe you just leave your dog’s feces on the ground and let the rain wash it away. If so, you’re contributing to water pollution. Poop left on the ground is slowly broken into pieces by rain. The bacteria is then carried away by storm sewers, into ponds, lakes, and streams. Too much of it makes the water unsafe for swimming and drinking.

That nitrogen in dog feces that ruins your lawn also causes big problems in water sources. It depletes the oxygen and sometimes releases ammonia. This kills the fish and encourages the growth of weeds and algae. Water may become cloudy and slimy, discouraging swimming or water sports.

4. It’s Gross

If you’ve ever stepped in dog poo (and who hasn’t?), you know how hard it is to get it out of the tread on your shoe. Not to mention you spread it to the floorboards of your car or onto your carpet or hardwood floors. It stinks. It’s visually unappealing and just plain nasty. If the thought of picking up waste makes you gag, there are options these days. Professional dog walkers take great care of your dog AND pick up and properly dispose of the poop. Speaking of proper disposal, it goes in the garbage in a plastic bag. Don’t use it for compost!

5. It’s the Law

If the previous reasons aren’t convincing enough to pick up after your pup, a steep fine may motivate you. It’s the law in many places. Your town, city or county may have legal statutes that require the cleanup and disposal of poo. In Austin, for example, by city ordinance, pet owners must pick it up on both public and private property. Potential fines run up to $500! Check with your local health board or city hall to learn about the laws in your area.

Special thanks to our guest blog author – Annaliese Olson. She is a writer that specializes in gardening and animal care.

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