5 Fun Ways to Celebrate on National Dog Day

French bulldog wearing polkadot party hat

It feels like every other day is National something Day. National Ice Cream Day. National Siblings Day. National Talk Like A Pirate Day. But there’s a holiday coming up that we’re actually incredibly excited for! August 26 is National Dog Day, and we’ve got 5 exciting ways for you to celebrate your pooch this weekend.

dog in a party hat

Photo courtesy of @CanineCafeCLT

1. Get Custom-Made Dog Cakes or Treats

Yes, you can get a custom-made cake (or cookie, or any other tasty treat) for your pup to celebrate them on this joyous occasion! Here in the Charlotte area, we’ve got several dog bakeries to choose from, but a few of our favorites are Canine Café, Yappy Hour, and Barks, Bones & Biscuits.

If your dog isn’t into baked goods, you can also stop by a King of Pops cart near you for “King of Pups,” a frozen treat that is totally safe (and tasty) for your pet to eat!

2. Go Off Leash

Of course, your dog loves going for long walks—but sometimes, a pup just wants to run free! Find a local dog park that is totally fenced in, then toss around a ball or other toy with your furry friend and watch them gallop around in total freedom. One of our favorite places to do this is Frazier Dog Park. You can also visit Hattie’s Tap & Tavern with your pup and let them roam around without a leash, if the weather isn’t great!

dog with braided hairdo

Photo courtesy of @TheDogSalon

3. Pamper Your Pup

You know that you’d love getting a massage, manicure, and haircut, so why wouldn’t your dog? Pamper your pooch with a grooming session at The Dog Salon, where you can either bathe them yourself or put them in the hands of a trained dog groomer, depending on your preferences. Once they’re totally clean, you could even give them a fun new look with dog-friendly dyes and hair-dos!

corgi dog behind a beer

Photo courtesy of @WorkForYourBeer

4. Drink Beer Together

Okay, maybe don’t actually give your dog beer. But you can drink beer while your dog socializes and gets all their energy out! Because Charlotte is amazing, there are several places that you can bring your dog while you drink with friends (and your dog plays with friends!). To celebrate National Dog Day like a true Charlottean, head to Dog Bar or Lucky Dog Bark & Brew to enjoy a few local beers with fellow dog-lovers.

5. Say Cheese 

The whole point of celebrating National Dog Day is to honor all the memories that you have with your dog, right? Right! So, why not get some photos of your beautiful pooch so cherish for years to come? Set up an appointment with The Dog Photog, or just whip out your smartphone and snap a few photos that you can look back on for years to come.

Bonus: Give the Gift of Walks

Still wondering what to get your pup to show them that you really care? Well, you know your dog loves going for walks, and we’re here to make it easier than ever to take them on long walks that will leave them happy and satisfied, and will leave you with the peace of mind that your furry friend is being taken care of by a trained professional!

Skipper offers on-demand dog walking with free same-day scheduling, GPS tracking, and pet photos for every visit, so you never have to deal with “dog guilt,” wondering whether your dog is at home sadly staring at the door waiting for you to get home. Instead, they get to get some energy out with a responsible, organized, and trustworthy animal-lover—and you get to see a picture of how happy the walk made them! Win-win.

How Will You Celebrate National Dog Day?

We want to know how you’re celebrating National Dog Day with your pup! Share photos with on social media at @thewagglecompany to let us know how you and your pooch are treating yourselves!

Guest Post Written By Alicia Thomas

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